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Rested XP: Mental Heath, Relationships, Gamers

Jan 18, 2021

Join Brad, Matt, and Manny as they discuss the art of failure and why it's important to success! 

Jan 5, 2021

Join the Rested XP crew--Matt, Brad, and Manny--as they discuss the importance of honest communication and some tips on how to effectively communicate. 

Dec 15, 2020

Jon, Brad, Matt, and Manny as they navigate the difficult path of dealing with family members. 

Dec 1, 2020

Join Matt, Brad, and Manny as we discuss self care, why it's important, and how to achieve it.

Nov 16, 2020

This week we're joined by our new full-time co-host Rev. Matt for an in depth exploration of religion and spirituality in gaming!